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Substance Abuse

We partner with local and state police, sheriffs departments, schools, government agencies and youth groups to provide education and support policy and environmental change relating to substance abuse.  Some of the initiatives that we collaborate on are:

  • Providing technical assistance for workplaces on the cost of substance abuse and the development of drug-free policies,
  • Supporting training opportunities for businesses with liquor licenses,
  • Working with police departments on implementing programs that prevent underage drinking,
  • Supporting youth groups in advocating for change that addresses substance abuse issues among their peers.

Prescription Drug Abuse is on the rise in Aroostook County and may soon take over the number one spot from alcohol as the most abused substance type in the County.  Currently, prescription drugs can be more easily available to minor and adult substance abusers than alcohol as they are present in the home, or available from those selling their prescriptions.

You can help reduce access to prescription drugs in your community by using your medications as prescribed, not sharing medication prescribed for you (even to family members), disposing of your unused medications properly, monitoring the amount of prescription drugs in your home if others have access to where they are stored, do not discuss any medications you may have (especially narcotics) in public places as you never know who may be listening and by not always storing your prescription medications in obvious easy to find places.

I have unused prescription medication in my home what should I do?

  • Don’t share your prescription medications with others, even close friends or family
  • Consult our website calendar for any prescription drug return events sponsored by Power of Prevention that may be in your area
  • Consult the ASAP website for any County-Wide events
  • Check with your local police department to see if they accept prescription drug returns at their stations
  • Are the left over medications from a currently active 30 or 90 day supply?  Check with your doctor to make sure you are using your medications correctly or to see if your maintenance prescription should be modified

You can find out more about efforts to combat the prescription drug abuse problem in Aroostook County at the ASAP website,