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Prime For Life® Universal

Universal Audiences (utilizes the Universal 4.5-6 Hour Curriculum)

Universal Audiences are those without any known increased risk factors who may only need the risk reduction information provided in the prevention component. Some examples of potential universal audiences are secondary school students (as a component of guidance, science, or health curriculum), all incoming freshman at a university, or employees at a company that wants to provide preventative programming to its personnel. Though universal audiences typically receive prevention information, many can also benefit from participating in the intervention component.

Currently the Universal Curriculum is being used in Iowa (in 7 counties and 15 schools) and in Maine in a number of middle and high schools across the state, reaching 7th-12th grade students. For more Information, please visit

Prime for Life is aligned with the Maine Learning Results for both 6th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade. These documents can be provided upon request.