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Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness is important. Below are some resources to make your workplace healthier:

Google MapPedometer
This service allows you to draw a walking route in a specific location. After you have designated the route, it will let you know how long it is, either in miles or kilometers.

Health Calculators
Health calculators, although not exact, can give a good estimate for where a person is based on averages. Calculators include Body Mass Index (BMI), Calorie Burn Rate for your favorite activities, the Cost of Drinking and Smoking, a Target Heart rate, among others.

Proper Lifting Techniques
Productivity, Health & Safety Concepts is an alliance of behaviorists, engineers, safety professionals and occupational therapists who have put together a guide on proper lifting techniques for the workplace.

March into May
March into May is worksite promotion which aims to increase physical activity among employees, family and friends. Along with company-specific programming and incentives, participants are given weekly tips on physical activity, nutrition and health to help keep up motivation throughout this 10 week program and beyond. The idea is to increase awareness of the benefits of physical activity, to increase participants’ activity level, and thereby improve the health and lives of those participating.

WELCOA (The Wellness Councils of America)
WELCOA focuses on building Well Workplaces and organizations that are dedicated to the health of their employees. The Well Workplace process provides a structure or blue print to help organizations build results-oriented wellness programs, which ultimately help employees make better lifestyle choices.

Wellsource is a leader in the health management and prevention industry for nearly 20 years, provides of tools to help organizations develop successful health management programs. The purpose of Wellsource is to provide the information and motivation necessary to encourage individuals and organizations to achieve optimal health.

Partnerships for a Healthy Workforce
Partnerships for a Healthy Workforce (PHW) helps employers understand how investments in worksite health promotion/disease prevention can benefit both employers and employees-a win-win proposition. Health promotion and disease prevention programs can improve productivity, recruitment and retention, and worksite morale. Health promotion is an investment in human capital. Employees are more likely to be on the job and performing well when they are in optimal physical and psychological health. They are also more likely to be attracted to, remain with, and value a company that obviously values them. Scientific research shows that a company’s productivity is tied to employee health.

WorkAlert helps you to develop a Drug Free Workplace, a good way to protect your bottom line and the health of your employees. Involve key employees for input and advice and use their Drug-Free Workplace Policy Builder to create a printable drug free workplace policy that is custom made for your business.