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lndividual Wellness

A person’s overall wellness is more than just the physiological workings of the body but also includes their psychological state and environmental situation.  These three factors body, mind and place, can be closely knit and changes to one can have positive or adverse effects on the others.

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Healthy Body

A healthy body can be achieved by:

  • staying physically active
  • paying attention to good nutrition
  • avoiding substance abuse
  • maintaining a safe workplace
  • having regular check-ups to prevent or monitor chronic disease
  • practicing good hand washing skills

Healthy Mind

A healthy mind can be achieved by:

  • Staying physically active
  • Avoiding substance abuse
  • Managing stress

Healthy Environment

A healthy environment can be achieved by:

  • Avoiding harmful substances such as lead
  • Avoiding exposure to chemicals and fumes
  • Maintaining your smoke, co2 and radon detectors
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaners and household products